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Brett Kazandjian Receives “Excellence in Research Award”

Dr. Allen Gathman (Interim Dean of School of Graduate Studies), Brett Kazandjianm Dr. Natallia Gray (Assistant Professor of Economics), Dr. James Caldwell (Director of Graduate Business Programs)

Brett Kazandjian, an MBA student from Annonay, France, received the Graduate Council Excellence in Research Award in 2016. Brett was nominated by Dr. James Caldwell, Director of Graduate Business Programs, for the work that he did in exploring the relationship between visa restrictions and economic growth and human development.

Brett worked closely with Dr. Natallia Gray, Assistant Professor of Economics, on this project. As a result of this project, Brett learned a great deal about research, which has inspired him to pursue a Ph.D. in Marketing at Mississippi State University.

Brett’s research is in an area rich with potential for future directions. In future studies, he is planning to examine the relationship between travel restrictions and economics growth in developed versus developing countries; countries with democratic versus autocratic form of governance; and by regions of the world as defined by the World Health Organization.

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