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Student Life and Leadership Awards

The Student Life and Leadership Awards program was established to honor students, student organizations, and University professionals who support the intellectual, professional, personal, social, and cultural needs of the community.  Specifically, we seek to honor those persons and groups who successfully facilitate the following tasks within the community:

  • Integrate the pursuit of knowledge with the realistic and practical needs of the community.
  • Advocate for full participation by all as equal partners in the community of scholars.
  • Create opportunities for student learning beyond the classroom.
  • Implement services which maintain, foster, and enhance the quality of campus life.
  • Develop activities for students to evaluate, access, and effectively implement career/life plans and goals.
  • Enhance students’ worth and dignity.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of students.

The Harrison College of Business and Computing recognized three students:


Clay Wittig

Ms. Gretchan Grojean, Assistant Director – Event Services & Scheduling, Campus Life and Event Services; Clay Wittig; Dr. Lori Mueller, Instructor, Department of Accounting

Clay is the epitome of the ideal first year student. His academic performance is exemplary. Clay is also involved with the Jane Stephens Honors Program. He successfully completed two honors projects in the fall semester.

His involvement outside the classroom is also admirable. Clay has been a member of the Residence Hall Association, representing LaFerla Hall, since fall 2017. He has also been very involved with the activities for the Harrison College of Business learning community. He truly seems to grasp the intent of all aspects of the learning community – living and learning together, while also participating in extracurricular activities intended to enhance and enrich the freshman experience and establish connections with the Harrison College of Business. Clay will serve as a Resident Assistant for the fall 2018 semester.

Clay was nominated by Dr. Lori Mueller.


Jessica Strunk

Dr. Judy Wiles, Interim Dean, Harrison College of Business; Jessica Strunk; Dr. Karl Kunkel, Provost

Jessica Strunk was recognized with the Experiential Learning Award. Jessica is a senior majoring in Management.  She undertook a phenomenal project this academic year that earned her academic distinction in the major.  The project tied in with the current MeToo movement, a national topic about sexual assault.

Part of the project involved hosting a panel on sexual assault for people who had been sexually assaulted.  The panelists were the assistant dean of students, the associate vice president for student life, campus violence prevention coordinator and the violence prevention education advisor at the Safe House for Women.

She presented to nine different groups and collected a total of 245 surveys from students. Her presentations consisted of all the steps to take in the event of a sexual assault and what to expect mentally and emotionally. Along with the surveys, she provided a handout with information on how to help survivors and what not to say when a survivor shares their story with you.

Her future plans are to continue her work in helping survivors and being an advocate.  She said the project was an amazing journey of learning about herself.

Jessica was nominated by Dr. Erin Fluegge.


Sarah Monteiro

Dr. Judy Wiles, Interim Dean, Harrison College of Business; Sarah Monteiro; Dr. Karl Kunkel, Provost

Sarah is an International Business major with a Business Law minor and has a 3.775 GPA.  She has a passion for studying abroad and has participated in four of the study abroad programs we offer.

She helped rebuild the International Business Club and served as its President. She has also participated in many business case competitions, both nationally and internationally, including the NIBS Worldwide Case competition in Guatemala this year.

She also served as a senator for the Harrison College of Business in Student Government and serves on the college’s Student Advisory Council.

Sarah was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her goal is to pursue an MBA at Southeast and ultimately work as a marketing consultant.  Sarah is always positive, enthusiastic about learning and looks for ways to be inclusive and engage students in the college.

She was nominated by Dr. Peter Gordon, professor of marketing and director of the Harrison College of Business International Programs.


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